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SalesTalk - the leading application for high volume order processing in Drinks, Food and Consumer Goods


SalesTalk has been developed to enable wholesalers and distributors to modernise their telesales operations, transforming them from cost-centres into value adding operations that actively differentiate the brand and deliver sustainable competitive advantage.

While many enterprise solutions can take over a year to implement at high risk to the business, SalesTalk is easy to install, and requires little integration and customisation, ensuring that benefits are delivered swiftly, usually inside six months from the start of the project.

The call-centre is a major customer interface and implementing SalesTalk results in significant business performance enhancements such as improved customer satisfaction and loyalty, reduced customer churn, improved call-centre productivity and increased sales.

SalesTalk has been designed for fast and accurate order entry. It has a robust architecture that ensures the software stays running, even when back-office systems and networks fail. A modular architecture ensures swift integration with industry leading ERP and CRM packages, and with eSales24, SalesTalk is ready for Web and Wireless deployment.

SalesTalk is modular in design in order to accommodate the differing requirements of our user community.